October 31, 2010

We're Bad, We're Back & Still Buying LV!

What can I say - we've been away for AGES - but we're back now and raring to go! 

The blog is going to be the most updated and frequent part of the site now, so keep checking back for the latest LV news - or conversely, just sign up to the RSS feed instead!

There's a few changes that have taken place whilst we've been on extended holiday and we'll try and get to changing the major ones through out the site as and when we can. Those that are the more pressing - we'll run through the blog first and adapt in the site later.

First up and a major change since a year and a half ago is that the Louis Vuitton online store eLuxury is no more apparently! You can now go to the LV site direct to buy the goods online. Should hopefully stop the problem of stock being unavailable and the information given about the bags being wrong here and there. It's yet to be seen just how user friendly the new ordering system will be though!

If you've any experience using the online LV store - drop a comment and let us know how you found it! Miss eLuxury? Drop another comment and tell us why!

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August 29, 2007

Authentic Discounted Louis Vuitton

Discounted Louis Vuitton bags makes most people immediately think - FAKE!

But it doesn't actually have to!

Well, not ALL the time!

It is possible to buy brand spanking new, authentic discounted Louis Vuitton bags - as well as tons of other label items - and get them at a discount.

And it's easy, free and hassle free too!.

The answer?


Ebates is an online shopping discount site that pays you money back off your latest purchases. BINGO!!

So how does it work?

It is very easy, very easy indeed.

Let's imagine you want to buy something from eLuxury - a nice new Damier Alma maybe?

First, sign up to be a FREE member on the Ebates website - takes 10 seconds.

Once inside the Ebates site - either surf around for a store or product you want or - use their very efficient search tool to locate what you want.

Staying with the idea of buying our Alma - click through to the 'eLuxury' site from the 'ebates' site.

Now just surf and shop as normal.

The difference is - because you arrived at your shopping site FROM the ebates site, you will automatically earn a % discount on your purchases.

The amount of the % discount differs from site to site. In the case of eLuxury, it's 3% per purchase. Spend $750.00 and get $22.50 back - for nothing!

Some sites offer upto 25% discount and there are lots of coupons to use as well. At the timem of writing this (March 07) Eluxury also do free shipping!

Then, each quarter you'll receive an Ebates Big Fat Check to the value of your savings. This comes to you either in the form of a check or paid direct into your Paypal account if you want!

Simple, isn't it?

The added beauty is that you aren't just limited to discounted Louis Vuitton bags - they have over 700 companies listed with names such as GAP, Dell, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, JC Penny etc. You should be able to find a discount for just about anything you need!

And at the moment - every new account created gets $5.00 added to it immediately!

Just for taking out free membership.

Don't you just love it when people give you money for next to nothing??

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Spotting Fake Louis Vuitton

So for spotting fake Louis Vuitton, what are some of the tell tale signs you should look out for when buying over the web?

Well, spotting fake louis vuitton from a resellers site:

1 Check their Disclaimer / Authenticity statement page.

2 Anyone who claims to be selling at low prices due to being able to "buy in bulk" is lying - Louis Vuitton cannot be bought in bulk or wholesale and this is a major hint in spotting fake Louis Vuitton!

3 Check their stance on Returns. Authorised resellers like eLuxury have an excellent returns policy where you the customer have rights of return.

4 Purchase guarantee. Once again, authorised resellers know your rights and work to them, as exampled by this excerpt from the eLuxury site (courtesy of):

"60 Day Guarantee"

"We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality merchandise. If you are not delighted with your purchase or gift, return the unused item in its original condition within 60 days for a full refund, less shipping costs. For issues regarding perishable food items, please contact Customer Service at 1.877.890.7171." Outstanding!

5 Check their prices. If you know you are paying a silly price for a Louis Vuitton City Bag - then you are buying a silly replica as well as spotting fake Louis Vuitton!

6 Does the site carry the latest range information? If they are genuine then they will be keen to make the sales on the new range - before that range runs out of stock which is VERY common for Louis Vuitton. Replica sites are always the last to have the info and the details they can supply are poor in fact and substance.

7 eLuxury is the official Louis Vuitton online sales site - linked directly to Louis Vuitton the company! Check against them for any items you may consider purchasing elsewhere. Check price, availability and item details - but ignore the photos!

8 There is an excellent site about buying authentic Louis Vuitton that I would heartily recommend called MyPoupette. They list solid information on sources selling original and fake items and help you distinguish between them and deal in spotting fake Louis Vuitton.


Thinking of buying from an online auction site? Then these tips might help you.

1 If you want to be 100% certain you are buying authentic Louis Vuitton - don't buy from an auction site.

2 If you do still want to buy through an auction site - use the resources available at MyPoupette to reduce the risk of buying a fake.

3 Remember the old saying "If it is too good to be true then it probably is!"

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Difference Between Real & Fake Louis Vuitton

The Difference between Real and Fake Louis Vuitton seems to be something that confuses or baffles many people, judging by the number of questions I receive each week. But how can you tell if a Louis Vuitton Purse is fake, how can you tell if a Louis Vuitton is real?

Here are some things to look out for when you are trying to spot the difference between real and fake Louis Vuitton - sort of a 101 lesson on "How to Tell a Real Louis Vuitton."

Firstly, if you are looking for a particular bag or purse, do your homework so you know what you should be looking at.

Let's take the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas French Purse as an example, we'll walk through it's signs together.

Your first port of call should be to the only official website that sells authentic Louis Vuitton online, www.eluxury.com.

Enter "Louis Vuitton French Purse" into the search box.The Louis Vuitton French Purse has distinctive placement of the LV symbols which can be used as a ready reckoner guide

Now, check the picture of the purse, don't just look at it - study it. Spend a few minutes working out how the monogram pattern fits onto the purse. (If eluxury has sold out of their current stock and have no image to use then you'll be able to find on at the vuitton.com site - but always try eluxury first, their images are much better.)

How many LV symbols are there visible on the front of it? Where are they in relation to the other shapes, the quatrefoils and fleur marks?

Where do all the different symbols sit in relation to the edge of the purse? Are they flush to the side or in a certain distance?

Do the shapes make any sort of symetrical pattern at all? Many times LV sybmols will form a pattern. If the pattern isn't there then it's most likely a fake.

From looking at the image on eluxury we can tell the following points to look for which will help us spot the difference between a real and fake Louis Vuitton.

1) There is only 1 LV symbol showing on the front. The top of this symbol should be on a line with the bottom of the snap closure tab.

2) There are 8 of the plain quatrefoils (without frames) along the front, two rows of four. On each of the quatrefoils on the end of the line the stitching should cut across the outer most petal! In the top row, the two quatrefoils in the centre should just have their petal tips in the shadow of the tab.

3) The two round enclosed fleurs on the top - note how the top edge just lies along the stitch line.

4) The two framed quatrefoils in the middle can be measured both against their position to the LV symbol as well as being centred under the spaces of the top row of unframed quatrefoils.

5) On the inside of the purse there should be 4 slots for cards, a billfold section and the snap closure coin purse. Use the image to check the color, placement of the LV imprint and the general layout and appearance.

All these points - plus others you should be able to deduce yourself are the common ways we can tell the difference between a real and fake Louis Vuitton - by comparison against a known authentic item.

Also, if you can, join one of the online forums, detailed on the Louis Vuitton Forums page. You should find that the people on there are very helpful and may be able to supply you pictures of what you are looking for. In the French Purse example, a fellow member may be able to post pictures for you of the front, back, side and insides. Studying them will help you see what to look for.

Whilst on the forum, don't be afraid to ask others for their opinion on whether a particular item you are considering buying is authentic or not. No one will flame you or give any caustic type answer. They are all there to share their interst in LV and can spot things for or against an item that you may have missed.

By using this means of comparison, you should find that not only do you quickly learn how to tell the difference between a real and fake Louis Vuitton, but you'll also start to spot the fakes easier and quicker purely by noting easy giveaways such as quality of the leather, colors used and shape of the item.

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Fake Louis Vuitton

With the amount of fake Louis Vuitton available out in the market today, how do you avoid getting one by mistake?

 Now that we have explained the reasons why you shouldn’t buy a fake louis Vuitton bag let’s see if we can help by pointing you in the right direction to start finding authentic items.

 There are a couple of forums on the web today that I would recommend that deal in Authentic Louis Vuitton lovers. Their criteria for becoming a member is not whether or not you actually own an authentic Louis Vuitton but rather that you do love them, are interested in chatting with others who also love them and are addicts and that you would not buy a replica item!

 They are the Authentic Louis Vuitton Addicts forum on EZBoard and the Only Authentic Louis Vuitton forum on the MSN groups page. Each forum requires you to register for membership.

 Being a member of such a forum is very worthwhile as it gives you the chance to not only learn many different aspects about Louis Vuitton but should you be interested in buying an authentic item they can be a wonderful source of support and guidance to ensure you buy an authentic item.

 In reality there are only two ways you can buy an authentic Louis Vuitton piece. The first is buying one at full retail price from an LV store or from eLuxury.com the only official on line reseller of authentic LV. The second way is to buy a pre owned item.

Pre-Owned Items

 This is where you need to start to be careful and learn your options. Buying pre owned can save you a tidy sum against the full retail price but it leaves you open to buying a replica! Please do be aware that Louis Vuitton is in huge demand and they NEVER discount or wholesale their products. Should you find a source who claims to be selling LV items having got them from a discount source or through a wholesaler then you are looking at a fake, replica, knockoff or whatever you wish to call it!

 There are two sites selling pre owned items that I have found based on the internet who sell authentic second hand Louis Vuitton. They are Luxury Vintage and Jill's Consignments.

Each of these sites have a selection of different items, ranging from Vintage to the later limited editions items and are well worth checking out..

 As with any purchase you are planning on, do your homework first as detailed in the buying online page.

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Louis Vuitton Replica

A Louis Vuitton Replica. Now that the internet is so big and so influential, people are unwittingly being ripped off with Louis Vuitton replica items.

One of the most actively copied labels is Louis Vuitton. Not surprising really when you consider the image that owning an authentic Louis Vuitton can bestow on it's owner.

 But for those who want to buy an authentic item and not an LV Replica, how can you tell the difference when buying over the internet? Answer: Not very easily if you don't go to the right source.

 (Side Note:- There is only one official LV site for selling brand new, authentic, full price LV items and that is eLuxury.com, the official online LV store. If you are looking for authentic, pre-owned Louis Vuitton items and are thinking of using eBay, a word of caution. Unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing then please don't! Far too many scams take place on eBay with roughly 85 - 90% of the items claimed as being authentic actually being a fair to poor Louis Vuitton replica! I get numerous sad stories of people being duped through eBay and as yet, there is little they can do about it!)

Let's take an example here as an illustration.

 Question: Which of the two bags below would you think is the Louis Vuitton replica and which the authentic item? Bear in mind that both of these images have been sourced direct from the net, one from the offical Louis Vuitton online supplier - eluxury - and the other from a very professional looking site that gives you the impression of being an official Louis Vuitton reseller but actually sells fakes replicas - really bad replicas.

Answer: The 'Monogram Large Bucket' bag on the right is the picture of the real Louis Vuitton bag - and so is the picture on the left!

 Unless you know what you are looking for when you visit a site on the web to buy an original item, you can very easily end up buying a Louis Vuitton replica. Now if I can post an authentic picture on my website here, copied from the Louis Vuitton site, what is to stop anybody else from doing so and not stating that! To have quality images on their site offers you the false impression that they are an authorised reseller. But don't think that this stops at online websites - 9 out of 10, the resellers on the online auctions such as eBay are doing exactly the same thing! Once they have your money, they really don't care!

The lesson behind all this is:- There is only ONE official reseller of authentic LV on the internet and that is Eluxury.com. Any other site that claims to sell authentic, new LV should be treated with the highest suspicion.

The following is an extract from the disclaimer on the site that is selling Louis Vuitton Replica items, using genuine pictures! Let the buyer beware!!

 "We guarantee that our products are of the absolute highest quality. We have formed many strategic partnerships in order to offer you this high-quality merchandise at these low prices. Our secret is we buy products at bulk, find special deals such as closeouts or factory reconditions, and look for other ways to cut your costs. That helps keep our overall overhead down allowing us to include the products at XXXXX at our low prices. When you buy a product at the store, you are also paying for whatever packaging material, cardboard, plastic, and artwork the manufacturer uses primarily to display and advertise the product on store shelves."

 "Although our products are comparable in style and quality to the original name brands, we DO NOT represent them to be original, nor do we represent that they are exact copies. Therefore, they do not violate any copyright laws. We simply ask consumers to compare the price along with style and quality to the above-mentioned name brands. Any reference to brand names or "compare to" are made strictly for comparison purposes. We are confident that you will be pleased with our exceptional products."


But wait - It gets so much better (for them!)


"RETURN POLICY There is NO RETURN POLICY for ALL items except "return for exchange" due to the following reasons:

a) Product Defects b) Delivery mistake

 You MUST inform us within 3 business days after you have received the package (receive date is based on our carrier's tracking system) if the return is due to the above (a) and (b) reasons. We will only exchange for EXACT model(s) you ordered and we reserved the right to exchange with other model(s) with similar value if the original model(s) ordered out of stock by informing you by email before-hand.

 All sales are FINAL and we DO NOT accept any returns."

Oh my giddy Aunt Mabel - and people actually buy from them! I'd love to be a fly on the wall at their customer services department when the phone rings - if they have a customer services department that is!

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Louis Vuitton Multicolore Alma

The Louis Vuitton Multicolore Alma is a new take on an existing staple of the range.The multicolore louis vuitton alma is a colorful new addition

There are quite a few different styles of Alma handbags across the different Louis Vuitton ranges but this is by far the most bold and in your face version.

Measuring 12.5" long by 9.5" high and 6.5" wide the Alma city bag has been given a balance of functionality and a healthy dose of Murakami fashion sense.

Using the LV standard natural cowhide trim - with the addition of golden studs and a very uesful outside pocket - the Louis Vuitton Multicolore Alma uses the full length, double zip closure for ease of access and security.

Inside is the gorgeous Alcantara textile lining with a handy internal patch pocket for keeping those loose items from rolling around too much! Outside is the unique Multicolore design available on a bag background of either white or Black. The price at the time of writing this is $1,150.00 (5th May 2004). Price update - March 2007, it's now$1,450.00!

If you are going to hunt one of these beauties down then you'll need to either catch one available on eLuxury, join the waiting list at your local store (which could be really long) or hunt for one on the auction sites. But be careful - as always - with the popularity of the Multicolore range in general, there are a HUGE number of replicas around. Do your homework first!

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Louis Vuitton L'Affriolant

The Louis Vuitton L'Affriolant is the latest addition to the Louis Vuitton Suhali range.

Very much a hobo shaped bag - and similar to the Louis Vuitton Boulogne bag, the Louis Vuitton L'Affriolant looks set to become one of the most popular from the Suhali range, due to it's practical nature and medium size.

Made from the same robust and deeply grained goatskins as the rest of the range, this bag will be a "keeper". It will age better over the next ten years than I probably will, that's for sure.

The Louis Vuitton L'Affriolant is 14.5 inches long, 11 inches high by 4.5 inches deep.

With the LV S-Lock closure to the top opening strap, getting into and out of the bag is no problem. Storage on the outside is in a zip closure pocket on the front. (You won't store a huge amount in there otherwise it will ruin the line and shape of the bag - these exterior pockets are more for small, flat items like small card wallets etc.The Louis Vuitton L'Affriolant from the Suhali range could well turn out to be their best seller

Inside is covered in a mini mongoram lining, the color of which matches the bag color. I.e. black bag = black interior, white bag = white interior etc etc! You get the idea!

Although there are no feet to protect the bottom, the spread of the bag ensures when you do put it down on a (clean!!) surface it will stay in position, as opposed to doing that sickening belly flop that we've all seen our bags do at one time or another! Here also the strength and form holding property of the goatskin comes into play, allowing the bag to maintain it's shape well!

Final touches to the Louis Vuitton L'Affriolant are the gold metal hardware dotted around it and the adjustable shoulder strap! Please do note though that the adjustment of the shoulder strap is somewhat limited. I think you can extend it by about another inch of drop - and that's it!

As an expressive shoulder bag that oozes quality, strength and money - this one walks the walk as well as talking the talk! It currently costs $2,270 and should be available either online at eluxury or form your local store.

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Buying Louis Vuitton Tips

Buying Louis Vuitton or more specifically buying Authentic Louis Vuitton online does not have to be a minefield, so long as you know what to do to avoid getting ripped off by a poor quality fake or replica.

Now I am not a "cast iron, being doing it all my life" expert on buying Louis Vuitton by any stretch of the imagination, more a semi knowledgeable newbie who is happily learning every day - but still has a LONG way to go!

That can be dangerous because I don’t want to give you false or misleading information so I shall resist the temptation to try and advise you about buying Louis Vuitton myself.

But I can point you toward the best directions for buying Louis Vuitton!

The best suggestion I can make is to link you to a couple of sources of quality, experienced knowledge on how best to qualify your buying Louis Vuitton.

The first site I have already mentioned on this site, namely My Poupette.

This is a site run by a dedicated and highly knowledgeable person who is keen to help those looking for authentic items of the LV range.

She runs an authentication service for $5.00 where she will review up to 5 items that you are considering buying and advise whether or not they are authentic, in her opinion. She can either authenticate auctions prior to your bidding or she can authenticate items which are in your possesion.

Please bear in mind that she does not work for or is connected to Louis Vuitton in any way and her opinion is just that, an opinion. However, there are many addicts on the web today who believe she almost has a better knowledge of some Louis Vuitton items than Vuitton do themselves! Her site is full of general articles as well as hundreds of little titbits of info, a real Aladdin’s cave for an LV lover.

My second suggestion and the one I would recommend you begin with is to read and digest the following web page owned by a lady going under the name of OM*Goddess.

She is a highly experienced trader on eBay with a solid record of dealing in authentic items only. She is also one of the driving forces behind the Authentic Louis Vuitton Addicts forum.

Although her page does not have the same depth as the myPoupette site (mainly because it is hosted on one page as opposed to a whole site which brings in some limitations!!) it is an EXCELLENT first read for anyone hunting authentic Louis Vuitton.

Beginning with why you should avoid replicas and then detailing the process by which you can go about shopping for authentic items it is shoe horned full of information, tips, hints and enough knowledge for you to gain confidence in your searching!

Lastly, as an attempted assist I've created a page on this site which lists certain resellers of LV on Ebay.

The people on this list are nominated because they are either an MPRS (My Poupette Recommended Reseller) or an ALVA Seller Select. Both groups have had to qualify for the title and must maintain a certain level of service and quality to remain on the list. One of the main criteria, naturally, is that they only sell Authentic LV. Any caught selling a fake are removed from the list and their title revoked.

These people have worked hard to get onto these lists and they are some of the most watched and monitored auctions on the net today. LV lovers from across the boards check their auctions daily and, having bought a few pieces from different members myself, I can vouch for their quality, level of service and general knowledge.

Also - there is a way that you can save money on not only your purchases from Eluxury - but over 800 other online stores as well - in some cases upto 25% off!

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Authentic Louis Vuitton

Authentic Louis Vuitton first came into existence in 1854 when luggage manufacturer Louis Vuitton created a mark for his company's handbags to luggage articles, office stationery, pens and personal accessories, etc.

Since then authentic LV has become a must-have luxury item, a prized personal possession denoting style, elegance, and the ultimate in good taste.

Since then, authentic Louis Vuitton items have also been the target of counterfeiters; unscrupulous criminals eager to pass off a fake as the real thing. With some of the Limited Edition ranges this is done in huge numbers, such as the authentic Vuitton Murakami range. This piracy has become so rampant that the market is flooded with inferior counterfeit goods and the brand image suffers. Unsuspecting buyers are misled into buying inferior quality goods under the impression they are purchasing authentic goods.

Two kinds of people are eager to buy the knock-offs.

The first group knows authentic LV. They want "name brand" recognition that authentic Louis Vuitton brings, but they're not able or willing to pay the price that it costs to own authentic LV items.

The second group of consumers - the largest buyers of replicas - doesn't know enough about the authentic products to make an informed decision when buying. They don't know that Louis Vuitton wallets have serial numbers, or that authentic handbags are never made of cloth.

You can get a few ideas on how to spot a fake LV here and some hints on how to tell the difference between real and fake Louis Vuitton here.

In India, Vuitton has launched an aggressive drive to confiscate duplicate and counterfeit products. As a result, a raid was conducted by police in North Goa and 20-25 lakhs worth of fake Louis Vuitton products were confiscated.

Authentic Louis Vuitton is particularly popular in Asia, making that market a prime target for counterfeiters offering knock-offs as authentic Louis Vuitton. Most of the knock-off items distributed in Asia (particularly in Thailand) that are marked as authentic Louis Vuitton are fakes produced in China.

Internet as well as brick-and-mortar store buyers are urged to be sure that the seller guarantees in writing that the purchase is authentic Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton aficionados 'down under' are also having problems with imported fakes. However, thanks to highly trained Australian Customs officers using a combination of sophisticated risk assessment and intelligence techniques, as well as cutting-edge technology, genuine Louis Vuitton items were easily separated from fakes. There were more 100 seizures of counterfeits posing as real Louis Vuitton, involving almost 2000 separate items.

On fashionable Long Island near New York City, fourteen people were arrested and approximately $750,000 in so-called genuine Louis Vuitton merchandise was seized as the result of an undercover investigation into the sale of counterfeit items purportedly made by top designers. "Counterfeiting is a criminal offence and is highly detrimental to customers, companies and governments in terms of product quality, employment and taxes," said Jean-Marc Gallot, CEO of Louis Vuitton North America. He says the company is deeply committed to ensuring that customers who want authentic Louis Vuitton are buying Louis Vuitton. "We would like to congratulate the District Attorney's Squad of the Nassau County Police Department and thank them for such a successful investigation."

Authentic Louis Vuitton bags and products are available all over the Internet - or are they? Authentic Louis Vuitton is frequently NOT authentic when purchased from a 'shady' online source or from an online auction site.

Genuine Louis Vuitton IS available online, but consumers need to be mindful so that they are indeed purchasing authentic Louis Vuitton handbags, luggage, accessories and other products from the famed designer/manufacturer.

Take a look at the images below to get an idea of how difficult it is to tell what you are buying, unless you buy from an approved online supplier like Eluxury.

Can you spot the fake from the pictures?

They are all FAKE!

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